Mortgage News January 17, 2019
Kiwi Banks Performing Well

New Zealand's banks continue to perform well, with ASB, ANZ, BNZ, and Westpac all rated as stable in the latest Fitch report. Not only are the big four banks making more money than their peers in other countries, they are doing so with a conservative risk appetite and robust risk management practices. The Reserve Bank's restrictions on low-deposit lending helped bring home a positive report, as did a belief that the banks' Australian parent companies would support them if they ran into trouble.

Risks of Tighter Bank Lending for Property Market

The heated housing market in New Zealand has led to tighter lending rules, with the Reserve Bank set to introduce new loan-to-value ratio (LVR) restrictions from October 1. Under the new rules, property investors will require a 40 percent deposit for a mortgage loan, with owner-occupiers needing a 20 percent deposit. While tighter lending requirements were introduced for Auckland investors last year, new restrictions will be applied to all property loans across the country.

The World's Most Liveable Cities

The Economist Intelligence Unit has released its latest "liveable city" ranking, with 140 of the world's greatest cities measured across 30 fields. The index considers factors related to safety, health care, educational resources, infrastructure, and the environment, with Melbourne topping the list once again. Australia and Canada were very well represented in the top ten with three cities each, with other top ten nations including Austria, New Zealand, Finland, and Germany.

The Health Benefits of Pets

Pets provide more than just love and cuddles, they can actually make you physically and mentally healthier. There are a number of proven health benefits for people with pets, including physical, mental, and emotional improvements. From enhancing your social skills and helping you relax through to increasing your fitness, pet ownership can be even more important than gym membership when it comes to overall health. Whether you're a dog person, a cat person, or a turtle person - having a pet in your life really can help to keep the doctor away.


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